Personalized beautification with hyaluronic acid fillers

Natural-looking results even up close with BELOTERO® hyaluronic acid fillers.


Why hyaluronic acid is key to a youthful appearance

The natural aging process of the skin can be accelerated by UV radiation, facial expressions, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and unhealthy diets.5-8 However, even the healthiest lifestyle cannot stop the natural aging process.

This is a result of the skin producing less of its own moisture regulators over time, such as hyaluronic acid – a natural component of connective tissue.9,10 Over time, cells divide more slowly and the concentration of water and fat decreases. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and drier, losing elasticity, volume and contour. Through its ability to bind water, hyaluronic acid cushions the skin together, promoting its elasticity and firmness.

The BELOTERO® collection of premium hyaluronic acid fillers, offers a variety of dermal fillers with different concentrations of hyaluronic acid that are intentionally designed for different treatment outcomes and areas of the face.11–17

Our BELOTERO®-solutions

Beauty tailored to your needs and wishes.

The premium hyaluronic acid fillers of the BELOTERO® COLLECTION were developed to meet the highest demands for personalized beautification. A comprehensive collection that allows aesthetic experts to set up customized treatment plans11-17 to realize your individual wishes in a natural-looking way.18

Take a closer look at the BELOTERO® brand and its entire product collection to discover the right treatment for you:

Skin Booster for glowing skin and deep hydration15,19


For overall skin quality improvement thanks to deep hydration15,19

  • Smoothed fine lines
  • Reduced imperfections such as skin irregularities and redness
  • Improved skin radiance
  • Improved skin elasticity and firmness

Full, harmonious lips13-14


For full and well defined lips13-14

  • Balanced, even volume and natural appearance
  • Enhanced curves and contours
  • Fuller shape

Fewer lines and wrinkles16


For the smoothing of fine lines16

  • Smooths fine lines


For the smoothing of medium lines11

  • Fills moderate lines and wrinkles
  • Softening of early forehead lines
  • Smoothing of nasolabial folds and lip lines


For the lifting and filling of deep folds12

  • Filling of deeper wrinkles
  • Lip augmentation

Firm facial contours and enhance volume17


For volume enhancement17

  • Restoring of facial volume
  • Filling of hollowed cheeks

What makes us different?

The BELOTERO® difference is the unique patented Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® (CPM®) technology for a lasting effect* into the skin, while respecting facial movement and natural-looking results.20

The special manufacturing process of BELOTERO® called CPM® technology, results in different hyaluronic acid densities, creating a combination of high and low density zones. This allows the gel to “mimic” the behavior of the tissue to ensure optimal integration of the gel into the surrounding tissue. For you, this means that BELOTERO® blends seamlessly into your skin and remains intact for a long-lasting effect.20

*duration is seen up to 18 months in many patients.

Before / After

Visible results with BELOTERO®

Drag the slider over the image to see the effect of the BELOTERO® treatment. You can choose the different treatment sections through the drop down menu.


Patient concern

This patient was unhappy with the wrinkles that had formed over the years around her lips. She also noticed a loss of volume around her midface.

Product & treatment

Patient got injected with BELOTERO® BALANCE Lidocaine, BELOTERO® VOLUME Lidocaine and BELOTERO® LIPS Shape.

The photos shown are taken 14 days after treatment.

Treatment areas

Lips and cheeks.

No picture retouching has been done. Individual results may vary, please ask your doctor for consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a treatment with BELOTERO® work? When does the effect become visible, how long does it last? And are the injections painful? Here are answers to the most important questions.

There is no “right time”. It is a personal decision – whether you are bothered by fine lines or deeper wrinkles and a tired looking face or just want to rejuvenate your skin and create a glowing appearance. The BELOTERO® collection offers a broad spectrum of solutions for your needs.

Consult your aesthetic expert for your treatment plan.

Before each treatment, your aesthetic expert will have a consultation with you in order to learn more about your desires and expectations. This is followed by developing and explaining a suggested, personalized treatment plan in line with your needs. Once you’ve made your decision, the treatment can begin. Your aesthetic expert will inject the selected BELOTERO® products directly into the skin of the specific area.

Treatment with BELOTERO® products is generally associated with minimal strain and pain.
However, the sensation of pain is very individual. Except for BELOTERO® REVIVE, all products within the collection are also available with lidocaine for a more painless treatment.11–17 In addition, local anesthesia can be applied.

Yes, you can see the result shortly after the treatment. It will further settle over some days.

BELOTERO® is designed to deliver natural-looking results,1-4 and patients report that they are satisfied with the results of the treatment.21,22 You’ll continue to look like yourself but with a fresh glow or natural harmony depending on your treatment choice, personal preference, and desired results.

That depends on the extent of the treatment and the aesthetic expert. Speak to your aesthetic expert about your budget in order for them to advise you accordingly.

During your first consultation, your aesthetic expert will discuss your treatment goals and expectations with you. Depending on the areas to be treated, a consultation (without a preliminary conversation) should take between 15 and 45 minutes.

While the results of a treatment with BELOTERO® are long-lasting,15,23 they are not permanent, as the body naturally breaks down the hyaluronic acid gel over time. Most patients refresh the treatment after a period of 6 to 18 months.11-17

The BELOTERO® products were well tolerated in various studies.24–29 An injection may lead to minimal bleeding and temporary swelling.11–17 Speak to your treating aesthetic expert about any pre-existing medical conditions or sensitivities that you might have. They can then discuss potential reactions and side effects with you.

The products within the BELOTERO® collection have been designed to work well together and to complete each other within their designated purposes. Regarding complementary treatments with other dermal fillers, please speak with your aesthetic expert for expert consultation.

In general, make sure that your treatment is carried out by a well-trained and experienced specialist. Our Doctor Locator can help you find specialists in your area.

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