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Merz Aesthetics Products

Tailored solutions for the aesthetic needs of a modern and diverse society, for individualized treatment plans.

Merz Aesthetics has been providing high-quality care with scientifically proven products to our patients for more than 100 years. Our injectables, medical devices and skincare products aim to help health care professionals fuel confidence through aesthetic medicine.


The Belotero® range of fillers has an excellent safety profile, both in short-term and long-term clinical assessment, delivering predictable and natural-looking results through seamless tissue integration. Whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, rehydrate skin or restore facial volume, the Belotero® range is tailored to patients’ needs.

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Radiesse is a versatile biostimulator formulated with calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. The only one that creates a scaffold to stimulate new collagen and elastin with the versatility to also provide immediate lift and improvement of contours.

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Ultherapy® is the Gold Standard in non-invasive lifting and skin tightening, leading the category with unmatched science and high patient satisfaction. Ultherapy® targets deep tissue planes for effective collagen synthesis and employs real-time visualization for customizable treatment—an integral step in optimizing patient outcomes

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