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Before Treatment

Questions you should ask your doctor

Basically, products are recommended here that have been extensively tested regarding effectiveness and tolerability. In particular, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considered as one of the strictest agencies in the world with the highest safety and tolerability requirements for approved products. The Belotero® Balance hyaluronic acid filler, the volume and lifting filler Radiesse® and the Ultherapy® ultrasound lifting procedure all have FDA approval. [1] Merz Aesthetics® products are some of the best and most intensively tested products on the aesthetics market and are used by specialist aesthetic doctors in many countries. [1] FDA approval as a medical product; Belotero® P090016 (approval refers to Belotero® Balance, in Europe Belotero® Basic), Radiesse® P050037, P050037, P050052. Cellfina® system with FDA approval in the USA and CE requirements in the EU; Ulthera System FDA product classification 878.4590

Products by Merz Aesthetics® are extensively tested for efficacy and tolerability in preclinical and clinical studies. The results are documented in many studies. For Radiesse®, for example, there are several studies and scientific publications with more than 5,000 patients that prove the high quality of the filler. [1] Radiesse® and Belotero® Balance are some of the few fillers that have FDA approval [2]. [1] FDA approval as a medical product; Belotero® P090016 (approval refers to Belotero® Balance, in Europe Belotero® Basic), Radiesse® P050037, P050037, P050052. Cellfina® system with FDA approval in the USA and CE requirements in the EU; Ulthera System FDA product classification 878.4590. [2] Loghem JV, Yutskovskaya YA, Philip Werschler W. Calcium Hydroxyapatite: Over a Decade of Clinical Experience. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.2015; 8(1): 38-49.3

Trust is nurtured by companies that embrace their commitment to quality and safety. Merz stands for more than 100 years of pharmaceutical experience and for premium-quality products. As an innovative international healthcare company with its own well-positioned research and development, Merz Aesthetics® places the same stringent requirements on its aesthetic products as it does on its medicinal products. The Merz Aesthetics® division includes Belotero®, Radiesse® and Ultherapy®.

More than six million treatments with Radiesse® [1], over one million treatments with Belotero® [2] and countless skin rejuvenation treatments: the products by Merz Aesthetics® convince and impress doctors and patients all over the world. [1] Available since 2000. [2] Includes worldwide treatment with the same product under different brand names.

Merz Aesthetics® products are optimally adapted to each other and are ideal for combining during treatment. Your doctor will be happy to draw up a personal treatment plan and advise you on which combinations are suitable for you. Since the cosmetic results are not permanent, you can decide to have new treatments at any time.

Merz Aesthetics® carries out regular surveys on customer requirements. The results are convincing: Some 90 % of patients are still satisfied twelve months after Radiesse® treatment. [1] In a direct comparison with other hyaluronic acid fillers, Belotero® Intense scores highest and attains the highest patient satisfaction of approx. 87 % according to participating doctors. [2] The good results with Merz Aesthetics® products are also documented in numerous clinical studies and before-and-after images. [1] A Multicenter, Randomized Trial Comparing Calcium Hydroxylapatite to Two Hyaluronic Acids for Treatment of Nasolabial Folds, Moers-Carpi M. et al., Dermatol Surg 2007; 33: 144–151. [2] The study was conducted by Kantar Health (previously TNS Infratest), an independent market research institute. All data is available in anonymized form and can be considered as representative.

Wrinkles, Volume Deficit and Contouring

The most important information about wrinkle treatment, volume deficit replenishment and facial contour firming.

Wrinkles that appear on our face can be classified in three categories: dynamic (also called expression lines), static and actinic. Dynamic wrinkles are caused through movement, particularly of our facial muscles. If the muscles are active, for instance when laughing, the skin on top of the muscles moves, too. This initially causes fine lines to form, which later develop into wrinkles and creases. A classic example of dynamic wrinkles are the so-called laugh lines at the corners of the eyes. Other dynamic wrinkles are crow’s feet, forehead furrows and the “elevens” between the eyebrows. Static wrinkles form on areas of the skin where the subcutaneous muscles slacken, or gravity pulls the skin downwards due to decreasing tissue strength and volume loss. The skin and connective tissue then sage and form these particularly visible wrinkles. The most common types of static wrinkles are the so-called marionette wrinkles, which run from the corners of the mouth down towards the chin. Or the nasiolabial folds between the corners of the mouth and the nostrils. Actinic wrinkles are caused by external influences, especially excessive sun exposure. They predominantly appear on the face, hands and arms as well as the neck and décolleté.

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected below the skin during anti-wrinkle treatment. They are used to correct wrinkles, replenish volume loss and re-stimulate the body’s own collagen production. Dermal fillers are generally absorbable substances that degrade over time. These include hyaluronan (also known as hyaluronic acid) and calcium hydroxylapatite.

The “right” time doesn’t really exist. The most important thing is how you feel – for instance, when you look in the mirror and think you look older than you feel, or specific wrinkles start to bother you and you’d like to look younger and fresher.

All products by Merz Aesthetics® for wrinkle correction, volume replenishment, contouring and skin rejuvenation are highly tolerable and have been scientifically tested for safety and efficacy. Your doctor will be able to confirm this for you, too.

Your doctor will chat to you before your treatment about your wishes and requirements and the possible treatment options available to you. For effective wrinkle and/or volume treatment, more than one appointment is usually necessary. Using a very fine needle, the filler will be injected underneath the wrinkles or areas of volume loss to plump them up from the inside. The cosmetic effect will be immediately visible after the injection.

The cosmetic effect will be noticeable immediately after the treatment. The face will appear fresher, smoother and rejuvenated.

With high-quality dermal fillers, worries that the treatment will make you look fake, or rigid are unfounded. Your doctor can achieve beautifully natural results by creating smooth and even transitions between treated and non-treated areas. In general, your expressions will not be affected. In other words, you’ll still be yourself.

Dermal filler injections are generally well tolerated. For sensitive areas and patients with low pain thresholds, some fillers are also available with lidocaine, a local painkilling agent that ensures even more comfort during the treatment. Ask your doctor about it.

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, one session without prior consultation will last from 15 to 45 minutes.

You will usually be able to return to work straight after your treatment. This means you can make an appointment during your lunch break and be back at your desk in the afternoon.

Immediately after the treatment, you will be able to feel the material when you touch the area. However, it is important to avoid pressing or massaging the treated area. After a short time, the filler will completely integrate, and you won’t feel it at all.

Some side effects may occur, such as inflammatory reactions like areas of redness or swelling, short-term sensitivity to pain, areas of hardness and a palpable infiltrate at the injection site. Other possible side effects are usually injection related. Ask your doctor for more information!

This depends on the product used as well as the patient’s age, lifestyle and metabolism. The Radiesse® volume and lifting filler tends to last for up to twelve months or longer. The Belotero® hyaluronan filler usually lasts for between six and twelve months.

Treatment costs depend on the scope of the treatment and are relatively manageable. For example, wrinkle correction or a face lift will probably cost less than your annual investment in skincare and anti-aging products and cosmetic treatments. In return, you will enjoy immediate effects that last. For more information, ask your doctor for an initial consultation.

Whether a hyaluronan filler or a volume filler with calcium hydroxylapatite is used depends on the result you want to achieve. Your aesthetic doctor will advise you on the best solution for you. Make sure that the products used are of top quality. The hyaluronan fillers from the Belotero® product family and the Radiesse® volume filler by Merz Aesthetics® have already been successfully used millions of times and meet the highest quality standards.

Like in many other areas, wrinkle and volume treatments require appropriate training and qualification, in addition to extensive experience. The products by Merz Aesthetics® are therefore only used by carefully selected doctors who have been trained in their use.

Rejuvenation and revitalization

The most important information about skin rejuvenation and revitalization with a beauty booster

From around the 25th year of life, the skin gradually starts to lose the ability to bind moisture. And this is decisive for a youthful, fresh complexion. The skin starts to look sallow, tired and dull. Its suppleness and elasticity diminish and the first fine lines may start to form.

There are insufficient amounts of key moisturizing substances like hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which ensure a constant supply of moisture to the cells from deep inside the skin and make it appear taut and fresh on the outside. Without these substances, the first signs of aging will already start to appear.

Ever since scientists ascertained the importance of hyaluronic acid for the skin and that it could be produced artificially, it has been included in countless cosmetic products. Applied externally to the skin, however, its effect is limited. The skin’s natural protective layer prevents the active ingredients from penetrating deep enough into the skin to work from the inside. In normal circumstances, therefore, skincare products can only superficially supply the skin with moisture-retaining substances. Their skin-smoothing effects usually end with the next face wash or shower.

With a beauty booster like Belotero® Revive, an aesthetic doctor simply injects the natural moisturizers glycerin and hyaluronic acid into the skin – right where they are needed. The skin’s moisture supply is optimized and the quality of the skin is visibly improved. However, the contours of the face remain unchanged.

Belotero® Revive combines lightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel with glycerin – this is what makes it so special. The combination can improve the skin’s moisture supply, eradicate dullness and sallowness and reduce wrinkles, redness and roughness. Many skin boosters available on the market whose effects cannot be compared to Belotero® Revive. In other words, it is important to take a closer look and choose a product with lightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Ask your aesthetic doctor for advice!

The skin’s moisture supply already improves after the first treatment. And after the final treatment, a continuous improvement is perceptible that lasts for months. To enjoy the full effect of Belotero® Revive, the treatment should initially be repeated two or three times at four-week intervals in order to fully replenish the skin’s moisture reservoirs. This ensures particularly long-lasting revitalization. After seven to eight months, the effect can be refreshed with a one-off treatment.

Your skin will benefit from a beauty booster at practically every stage of life. Younger patients can use Belotero® Revive as an early treatment to preserve the fresh radiance of the skin. The earlier the skin is nourished with moisture, the more effectively wrinkle formation is delayed and the longer the skin’s youthful appearance is retained. The skin can also reap the benefits of a beauty booster later on in life. During the menopause, for instance. As estrogen levels start to dwindle, the skin goes through significant change, becoming drier and more prone to wrinkles. Belotero® Revive can effectively combat these effects. Regardless of age, sun-damaged, dry skin can be revitalized with Belotero® Revive.

Yes. Imperfections can be reduced with Belotero® Revive. The beauty booster can be used to fill areas of enlarged pores. The skin is left looking much smoother and more refined. The skin metabolism can improve, too, visibly enhancing the complexion with lasting results.

Yes. Especially skin that has suffered sun damage can benefit from treatment with Belotero® Revive. The thickness of the skin and its moisture supply can be considerably improved through treatment with a beauty booster, which will leave the skin revitalized. Wrinkles caused by excessive sun exposure can also be effectively reduced.


Headline The most important information about lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers for natural volume and beautiful contours

There is no straightforward answer to this question – after all, beauty depends on lots of factors: there is no one perfect lip shape, but rather lots of different yet equally beautiful variations. In general, however, the combination of natural volume, sensuous contours, symmetry and an appropriate size ratio between the top and bottom lips are considered appealing. A distinctive Cupid’s bow (the double curve at the middle of the upper lip) also tends to give the lips a more attractive appearance.

Expansion copy 2 Do you want to change your lip shape or correct the contours of your lips? Your aesthetic doctor can use a hyaluronic filler to change the appearance of your lips according to your wishes. During a pre-treatment consultation, they will always recommend lip correction with results that are as natural as possible. In your actual treatment, hyaluronic acid will be gently injected into the lips to create a symmetrical look and define the Cupid’s bow. Wrinkles around the lips (lipstick lines or smoker’s lines) can also be corrected using a hyaluronic acid filler.

The results of lip enhancement/lip correction are visible three to four days after treatment. View the before-and-after images of Nadine’s lip treatment here.

Lip treatment with hyaluronic acid (without prior consultation) takes around 30 minutes.

The cost of a treatment with lip filler injection is relatively manageable, but varies depending on the specific treatment objectives. For more information, ask your doctor for an initial consultation.

Lip correction generally lasts for six to twelve months before a top-up treatment is required.

The lip area is very sensitive. However, treatment is particularly gentle and most lip fillers already contain a local anesthetic. Your doctor can also use a numbing cream if required.