More Body Positivity

What is beautiful? Merz Aesthetics® wants to encourage women and men to answer this question in a self-determined manner. Because beauty needs one thing above all: real personality. What is beauty? A question that constantly needs to be answered anew. From Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss to Harry Styles. Every generation interprets beauty differently.

Beauty is an attitude

Keywords such as body positivity, diversity or positive aging also indicate a changing consciousness. The realization that beauty arises from diversity and individuality is becoming more and more popular. It has a lot to do with how lovingly and confidently we look at ourselves and our distinctive features. Why do we like what we like? And why do we find some people more attractive than others? Scientific studies show that our sense of beauty is unconscious. Dr. Ayse Ilkay Isik conducts research in the field of neuroesthetics: “During examinations, we showed test subjects portrait photos and measured their brain activity. On the faces that our test subjects found particularly attractive, the areas in the brain were particularly active,

Scientific experiments also show, however, that not only symmetrical faces are perceived as particularly attractive, but also those with minor flaws. “Irregularities can add an interesting feature to a face, which makes it very attractive to other people. The decisive factor, however, is that the face has a healthy radiance. ”Says Dr. Isik. So beauty has innumerable faces. It does not have to meet any given norms, it is a question of personal attitude. This message also supports Merz Aesthetics®: Beauty is an attitude. #MYATTITUDE

Beauty arises from self-confidence

Attractiveness and psyche: Many people have certainly already experienced that the two are interrelated. Because on days when you feel strong and confident, you often get more compliments for your looks.

Attractive people usually also exude self-confidence. Conversely, self-confident people also appear attractive. Beauty therefore always has to do with how comfortable we feel in our skin.

3 tips for more self-confidence

So can beauty even be “learned”? After all, self-confidence is a quality that can be changed and strengthened. How it works?

  1. Self-reflection: Think about how you define beauty for yourself. Who is beautiful in your eyes – and why? In which moments do you feel beautiful and enjoy a positive body feeling?
  2. Perceiving strengths: Most people tend to focus primarily on their weaknesses. Do the opposite and think: What do you like best when you look in the mirror? What sets you apart from others, what makes you unique?
  3. Accept weaknesses: How strongly do you focus on aspects that you like about yourself? Do they really have such a large part in your overall charisma? Get other opinions, too, because: Often it is the avoidable flaws that make you so special in other eyes.