Aesthetic Medicine

A question that constantly needs to be answered. From Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss, all the way to Harry Styles. Every generation interprets beauty differently. Merz Aesthetics® wants to encourage women and men to answer this question in a self-determined manner. Because beauty needs one thing above all: authenticity.

Body Positivity

Body positivity, diversity or positive aging – buzzwords that indicate a changing awareness. At Merz Aesthetics®, rather than the pursuit of perfection, we are guided by a desire to understand the beauty that comes from diversity, self-confidence and self-determination. We empower individuals in their personal quests to be their best selves – however they define it for themselves.

Self-care: the foundation of Body Positivity

With mindfulness to more self-acceptance

Loving yourself and taking good care of your physical and mental well-being is easier said than done. Many people tend not to take their own needs seriously or perhaps do not even notice them.

Self-care means an extra portion of mindfulness to recognize physical and psychological warning signals in good time and take appropriate countermeasures. A sufficient degree of self-care makes a decisive contribution to calmly mastering the stresses of everyday life. It also makes people visibly happier. Anyone who is at peace and feels comfortable in their own body will also radiate this body positivity outwards – a real booster for self-confidence!

Four steps to more self-care:

A healthy diet and regular exercise, enough sleep and fresh air – if you follow these basic rules, you are in the best possible position. Be sure to take bodily signals such as tension or pain seriously and actively do something about them.

How am I? Ask yourself this question at least once a day, maybe even in writing. Practice noticing upsets early on instead of swallowing them.

Plan “me-time” firmly into your daily routine – fixed times for meditation, walks or just a power nap at noon. This is how you recharge your inner batteries.

Time for friends and celebrations, for culture and nature: everything that enriches us from within is a real lift for our mood. Consciously enjoy with all your senses.

A confident approach to beauty

Those who work in aesthetic medicine often encounter the prejudice that it is only about standardized ideals of beauty and the dictate of eternal youth.

Merz Aesthetics® has a different mission: For us, beauty means authenticity instead of perfection, attitude instead of adaptation. Because self-acceptance and the desire for change do not have to be mutually exclusive. We want to encourage women and men to be confident and self-determined about their appearance.

According to the latest research conducted by Merz Aesthetics® in EMEA, patients motivated to consider injectable or non-surgical aesthetic treatments to improve their looks naturally, to look fresh, less tired, and good for their age, almost 65% of the respondents agree on considering injectables or non/surgical treatments to boost their confidence.1

65% of the respondents agree on considering injectables or non/surgical treatments to boost their confidence

Your personal beauty-journey

Aesthetic medicine is personal, and we want to put the definition of aesthetics back in the right hands – yours. It is unique and a personalized journey. Moving away from standardized perfection towards empowering health care professionals to bring out the uniqueness in their patients through a holistic, tailor-made approach. Harmonious, natural-looking results that speak for themselves: enhancing your individual features instead of changing your appearance.

Get informed about aesthetic treatment options for your desired results. That’s why we always provide you with information you may need about our products and research in brochures and on websites to guide you in making your aesthetic decisions.

It’s your beauty, your choice.

Find a health care professional offering Merz Aesthetics® treatments near you. With the Aesthetic Expert finder solution on our websites or the contact form, you have an easy option to search for a professional near you and make your appointment.

Be sure to discuss your needs in detail with your aesthetic expert. What bothers you? What would you like to enhance?

What makes you unique? Ask for your personalized aesthetic treatment plan and raise any questions. Your practitioner will be happy to advise you.

Stay up to date and connected with your aesthetic practitioner and educate yourself through trusted sources. Visit our website, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for up-to-date insights, trends and news.

Your Confidence. Our Treatments.

As part of the Merz Group we have been providing high-quality care with scientifically proven products to our patients for more than 110 years.2 We celebrate originality. With our comprehensive portfolio of aesthetic products including injectables and an energy-based device, Merz Aesthetics® aims to meet patients’ needs with high standards of safety and efficacy.

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  1. Consumer ATU Research conducted by Merz Aesthetics® EMEA in 2023. The total number of respondents included in this study is 2303. The respondents are from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, UAE, KSA.
  2. Merz Aesthetics®. Data on File.