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What we stand for

The Merz Aesthetics definition of beauty is more than meeting predefined standards. It’s feeling good in your skin, finding ways to express your true self, being more confident every day. At Merz Aesthetics, we recognize your vision for yourself is just that, yours – because beauty is an attitude. It’s about confidently expressing your uniqueness – however you define it for yourself.

We make products to fuel your confidence through aesthetic medicine and support the health care professionals who help you create your own vision of what it means to be you, inside and out. The Merz Aesthetics definition of beauty is more than meeting predefined standards; it’s an attitude. It is about having confidence in expressing ones unique self– however this is defined.

Our purpose is to fuel this confidence by helping people look, feel and live better. We aim to listen, advise, support, and celebrate professionals and patients as we pursue a shared vision to help the world look better, feel better and live better. Our goal is to continue to be a globally recognized leading company in Aesthetics, dedicated to fulfill the aesthetics needs of a diversifying society.

Our History

The Merz story follows a transformative, forward-thinking, successful specialty healthcare company that has been active for the past 110 years

Merz Aesthetics is part of Merz Group, a successful specialty healthcare company transforming itself for more than 112 years. Our company was founded in Frankfurt, Germany by a 24-year old chemist named Friedrich Merz, and we are proud to still be owned today by the fourth generation of the Merz family.
As a company with a long history, Merz has lived through different focus areas over the years. From dental products to neurological diseases, we have successfully reinvented ourselves more than once since our founding in 1908 to become a leading global aesthetics company.


Our Culture

We aim to empower people to confidently express their unique beauty and attitude

We aim to empower people to confidently express their unique beauty and attitude.

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Quality and Safety

Innovation is the lifeblood of our company and the key to our continued growth. We effectively identify and relentlessly pursue the scientific developments and strategic investments that will drive our long-term success.

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Our Team

Deliver trusted results

We are proud to share the Merz Aesthetics heritage of providing high-quality and scientifically-proven products and services for over a hundred years. We uphold high ethical standards throughout our company ensuring that our promises, work, and results are trusted for years to come. We take a long-term view and we are committed to delivering profitability and financial sustainability for many years to come.

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