Innovation since 1908 – our history

The pursuit of new solutions and the courage to innovate have been part of our culture from the very beginning and have contributed significantly to making Merz Aesthetics® the successful, globally active organization it is today. Our long-established focus on the needs of our patients and customers remains the hallmark of our business. Because, in the development of all innovations throughout our history, we at Merz Group have always put people first. The company founder, Friedrich Merz, was already directing his attention to people’s needs. His goal was to manufacture something that people actually needed. And to manufacture it in a different and better way.

Founded in 1908 in Frankfurt am Main, the family-owned company Merz was already a guarantor for innovative beauty products in the 1950s. Today, as part of the Merz Group, we are one of the global players in the field of medical aesthetics. For years, our products have stood for high quality in each of their categories.

Friedrich Merz

Friedrich Merz
The trained pharmacist and studied chemist founded the family business in 1908.

Our values?

Our core values are the principles that govern the way Merz Aesthetics® operates worldwide. Whether you are an employee, a leader or a partner of Merz Aesthetics®, we actively cultivate, support and reward these ways of thinking and behaving.


Innovation is central to the Merz Aesthetics® community and key to our continued growth. We focus on helping our patients achieve their long-term goals as well as their own definition of beauty. We support our culture of innovation by encouraging our employees to reward a can-do mentality and promote personal responsibility.

Commitment to customers and colleagues

In our work, we build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and integrity with both customers and colleagues. We strive to live our open and collegial culture and actively seek feedback from our partners to deepen our relationships and make them even stronger and more productive.

Trusted results

With Merz Aesthetics®, we are proud to carry on the legacy of over 110 years of Merz and to continue to offer high-quality and scientifically proven products and services. With high ethical standards in place across the company, we ensure that our promises, work and results can be trusted for years to come. We think long-term and strive to ensure profitability and financial sustainability for many years to come.

Our operating norms

Our rules of engagement, or operating norms, set standards and expectations for active engagement within Merz Aesthetics®. They represent the behavior we count on from all Merz Aesthetics® colleagues around the world and the practices our customers and partners can expect from us.

Assume positive intent. Obligation to engage. Collaborate cross-functionally.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that trust, respect, inclusion and acceptance make us stronger as an organization. We stand together with empathy, mutual respect, compassion and unity. We will ensure that we continue to foster a work environment that does not tolerate discrimination, racism or inequitable treatment. We are proud to lead by example with our Merz Aesthetics® Global Leadership Team, which is comprised of leaders across nine nationalities and which represents various cultures, ethnicities and genders. We are stronger and better because of our diverse culture.
At Merz, we are family and we will continue to work together every day towards a better and more inclusive world.