Effectiveness & Safety

Our aim to meet the wishes and requirements of our partners and patients with safe and effective products has always been one of the reasons for the success of Merz Aesthetics® and drives us to continuously develop our portfolio. Numerous clinical studies and patient satisfaction surveys confirmed and supported the perception of safety and effectiveness of our products.1,2,3

Research & Development

For more than 115 years, Merz has been convincing both health care professionals and patients with scientifically based quality products. Innovation is the basis of our success and our international growth. Merz Aesthetics® invests more than EUR 100 million annually in the research and development of new products. Parallel to an international research network with experts, university institutes and our selected specialists in application, the focus of our in-house research lies in our research institute in Frankfurt am Main and in Raleigh (North Carolina, USA).

+years of Merz
million euros invested yearly

Fostering Innovation

Over the last years, Merz Aesthetics® has successfully completed numerous acquisitions in the medical aesthetics space, bringing in technologies and talent to create a comprehensive aesthetics portfolio of a muscle relaxant, dermal fillers, energy-based devices and skincare. The development work of our internal R&D teams has enabled Merz Aesthetics® to bring to market advanced aesthetic devices, filler and toxin formulations, with much more to come.

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